Customised Dynamics 365 CRM

If the cloud is the way you’re heading, you don’t have to trade off function or control.
Let us help you extract the best value from your cloud version of Dynamics 365 CRM.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (also called Customer Engagement) allows you to take advantage of the powerful and flexible capabilities of CRM, in the cloud. That means your  people can access CRM anytime, from anywhere, on virtually any device.

To extract the best value and payback to your business, we can help tailor the thousands of customisable features so the system is exactly what you need. As part of your Office 365 subscription, CRM Online drives productivity by flawlessly integrating with other Microsoft products (like Outlook) your people already use every day.

We can help whether you’re setting up your CRM, replacing a current CRM, or have Microsoft Dynamics CRM already but want to customise or optimise the system.

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Do it your way

It doesn’t make sense for one system to be instantly suitable for every business, right? Customisation is essential, but it takes expertise.

We work with you to understand your business relationships, your processes, and the other systems you need CRM to integrate with – like your website, finance system, quoting engine, or portal. Then we set your CRM up just the way you need it.

You could spend months of frustration and distraction from your real job trying to achieve what we can do for you in just hours or days.

Productive people

Investing in customisation pays off in spades. If you’re in charge of organising your CRM, there’s an expectation that you’re going to make things easier for everyone.

If your CRM creates little (or big) annoyances every day, people won’t want to use it, and they’ll find other ways of doing things (or simply waste time complaining). If you invest in the right customisations, your people will be more productive and you’ll have the right oversight and dashboards to manage and grow your business.

Know who your superstars are, and who’s taking an easy ride.

Consistency and oversight

Left to their own devices, your people will find different ways of doing the same thing.

That’s where CRM comes into its own – taking your best practice processes and applying them consistently, so you have full visibility of activity, progress and pipeline. You’ll be able to identify bottlenecks, delays and people issues before they strangle your business.

Workflows for your custom processes are a breeze for us to set up – we’ve done thousands of them. We’ve also got plenty of experience for creating customised reports, views and dashboards for you.



Integration between CRM and your financial system will close the loop between Sales and Invoicing – making your CRM a more complete source of truth about your customers. Integration with your finance system, such as Xero or Business Central is easy with our pre-built integrations to your customer data and/or invoices.

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A portal allows you to give external people access to their information in your CRM without granting access. It’s a web-based interface which allows them to interact with, so they can be self-sufficient and productive without compromising your CRM. It’s a really handy way to offer self-service to your clients.

Dynamics 365 has inbuilt Marketing List capability but often a dedicated email marketing tool is required to get the best marketing results. We can integrate your chosen email marketing tool with your CRM so you get the best of both worlds. We can help set up your ClickDimensions and integrate with MailChimp. We can even integrate with your website Contact Us forms.

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The beauty of choosing the Microsoft suite of applications is the ability to leverage the power of the tools at your disposal. SharePoint storage is inexpensive, so we have solutions to not only leverage these cost advantages, but to provide operational efficiencies as well.

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Phone number validation is already included in your CRM Kickstart package, but we can also extend your CRM to include other validations to keep your data clean and usable from the get-go. For example, auto-complete addresses as you type. It’s a great timesaver and reduces errors.

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We’ve pre-built some handy Dynamics 365 functionality to make Account Management a breeze. If you rely on referrals from other businesses, we can help you to keep track of the value they introduce. Or if keeping in regular contact with your clients is essential to you we can help by automating reminders to each Account Manager.

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Access our help for additional customisations or other enhancements whenever you need. By purchasing blocks of our time as Prepaid Assistance Hours you can draw down on your ‘bank’ of hours for adhoc or planned work over time. Log requests and view your balance on our Customer Service Portal. When you’re running low on hours, we’ll let you know and you can top up your prepaid

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