CRM Optimisation

If you already have Microsoft Dynamics CRM and should know there’s always more you could doing with it to extract
more value from the rich features.

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You still don’t have one source of truth

In most cases, a core objective of your CRM is to have a single source of truth about your customers and prospects. But if you’re still going to other systems to find key information – like “how much did we bill this customer last year?”, your solution is incomplete. To meet the full potential of the ‘single source of truth’ promise, you might need to pull in data from other sources.

You’d be hard pressed to find a system that Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can’t integrate with – all it takes is planning and expertise.

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You can see a better way

Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM journey is in full flight. Your users are engaged and you’re seeing some benefits. Now, with this experience, you can see even greater potential – other business processes you want to automate or support, and better ways of doing things. Maybe you’ve nailed the sales process and now want to focus on improving customer service? There’s always more you could be doing to leverage the rich functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

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You want deeper analysis

Since you’ve implemented your CRM you’ve surely noticed you have more data to make better decisions. It’s time to bring that data to life. You may want some custom dashboards to measure specific KPIs? We can even enlist the help of other Microsoft tools like Power BI to put your dashboards on steroids – using multiple data sources (even Excel), to augment the data and produce valuable insights.

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Here’s how

we can help

When you choose Beyond CRM, you’re working with an experienced team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement specialists who are dedicated to understanding
your unique needs and delivering with excellence.

Needs Analysis

To set you up for CRM success, we’ll work with you to understand your specific challenges, objectives, customer relationship model, and current processes. Depending on your budget, we have an approach to suit – ranging from short questionnaires to detailed workshops.

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CRM Customisation

We can help by populating your customer and prospect data into your CRM – from spreadsheets or finance systems, tailoring screens to collect and display the actual information you need, matching your processes and business rules into CRM functionality and integrating other systems like your finance system for a 360 degree view of your customers.

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We’re not going to make you go it alone. You’ll need ongoing help to make sure your new CRM continues to evolve with your business. Engage us on an ad hoc basis when you need more help, or ask us to tailor an ongoing support arrangement for your likely levels of support.

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