CRM Kickstart

You know you need it. You have to start somewhere. We’ll give you a kickstart with the essential customisations
for a CRM that works for you from day one.

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A CRM that works for you
and is ready in a flash

Our CRM Kickstart is the perfect way to get up and running now with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. At a fraction of the cost (and time) of a bespoke customisation, we’ll get you on the path to success with an essential set of customisations that suit the way you work.

We’ll ask you a handful of questions about how your business operates, configure your CRM to suit and you’re on your way.

We call it a Kickstart because it really is. You can get started now and build, change and adapt your CRM over time. We’ll be there with you all the way with our Kickstart Success assistance packages.

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Only what you need.

We know Microsoft Dynamics CRM backwards and we’ve worked with enough businesses to know which customisations are essential for getting you started and operational from day one.

We design your customisations based on our questions about your business and exactly how you work.

Within a couple of weeks, not months, you’ll have a fully functioning CRM that’s pulling its weight in your business.

Retire those spreadsheets.

Using spreadsheet to capture contacts and manage workflows is common, but it only works for a while.

The old adage rings true – what got you here, won’t get you there. Excel is a great calculator but it doesn’t scale well and certainly isn’t a database to allow you to capture the depth of information you need.

CRM allows you to manage your business processes, ensuring the right information is captured at the right time, with full reporting oversight.

Grow with you.

This is just the start.  As you get used to working with CRM, you’ll have other ideas of how the system can help you even more.

There’s a myriad of additional functions or processes we can help you to uncover. It’s all there for the taking when you’re ready and eager. After we’ve implemented your CRM Kickstart our Kickstart Success assistance package will make sure we continue to support you on your CRM journey.

But for now, you’ll have a fully functional CRM that does what you need!

Here is what you get
with our CRM Kickstart solution

CRM Kickstart is a baseline configuration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 for Sales which, from our experience, represents best practice for small business in the areas of Sales, Customer Care, Marketing and optionally, Post-sale job tracking.

To make CRM suit your unique business and set you up for success, some additional customisations are needed. We ask you a series of questions about your business and how you work, so we can we can tailor your CRM Kickstart solution to suit you. They’re not hard questions, but they’re designed to tease out the important factors that will mean your CRM adds value immediately. Then we customise your CRM accordingly.

Of course, over time you will want to continue to change and adapt your CRM to suit your changing needs. We can help with that too.

Download our brochure below for more detail.

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Integration between CRM and your financial system will close the loop between Sales and Invoicing – making your CRM a more complete source of truth about your customers. Integration with your finance system, such as Xero or Business Central is easy with our pre-built integrations to your customer data and/or invoices.

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The beauty of choosing the Microsoft suite of applications is the ability to leverage the power of the tools at your disposal. SharePoint storage is inexpensive, so we have solutions to not only leverage these cost advantages, but to provide operational efficiencies as well.

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Dynamics 365 has inbuilt Marketing List capability but often a dedicated email marketing tool is required to get the best marketing results. We can integrate your chosen email marketing tool with your CRM so you get the best of both worlds. We can help set up your ClickDimensions and integrate with MailChimp. We can even integrate with your website Contact Us forms.

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We’ve pre-built some handy Dynamics 365 functionality to make Account Management a breeze. If you rely on referrals from other businesses, we can help you to keep track of the value they introduce. Or if keeping in regular contact with your clients is essential to you we can help by automating reminders to each Account Manager.

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Phone number validation is already included in your CRM Kickstart package, but we can also extend your CRM to include other validations to keep your data clean and usable from the get-go. For example, auto-complete addresses as you type. It’s a great timesaver and reduces errors.

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Our Kickstart Success assistance package is essential to ensure that your CRM keeps up with your business needs. Your Kickstart Success subscription means we can continue to work with you to build and enhance your CRM over time. Choose how many hours you’ll need per month and well help you plan out how to keep your CRM journey on track.

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