Our Extensions and Integrations

Your CRM solution needs to evolve with your business. That's why we offer a suite of integrations and extensions to help make your CRM more complete.

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Financial System Integrations

Integration between CRM and your financial system will close the loop between Sales and Invoicing –
making your CRM a more complete source of truth about your customers

Xero Integration – Customer Data

This is Beyond CRM’s own pre-built integration, which allows one-way integration with Xero to share updates for Accounts and Contacts. Your CRM remains the ‘owner’ of customer information, so any updates then flow to Xero to keep your customer information up-to-date in your finance system. You can use this alone or with our Xero Financial Data integration.

Xero Integration – Financial Data

This extends the Customer Data sychronisation to include invoicing. This integration sends the details of ‘won’ deals from CRM to Xero as a draft invoice, linked to the customer in Xero. This allows you to continue to use the Xero invoice and email templates for consistency and leverage your Xero payment gateways. A link to the invoice sent by Xero is stored in CRM to complete the customer picture.

Dynamics 365
Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a relative newcomer to the Dynamics suite and is fast becoming a popular upgrade path from other small busines finance packages, especially where clients need more robust inventory management. Integration with Dynamics 365 CRM requires some configuration, but as part of the Microsoft Dynamics family the two systems communicate with ease.

Office 365 Suite Integrations

The beauty of choosing the Microsoft suite of applications is the ability to leverage the power of the tools at your disposal.
SharePoint storage is inexpensive, so we have solutions to not only leverage these cost advantages, but to provide operational efficiencies as well.

Auto-Create SharePoint Folder

The advantage of this Beyond CRM built extension isn’t truly appreciated until you’ve experienced the time consumed to create SharePoint folders from CRM on the fly. To save a document, you first need to create the folder in SharePoint via CRM. This may seem like just a few extra clicks, but done often, can be a disruptive time waster. Our extension creates the SharePoint folder and sub-folders when you create a new record, meaning the folders are ready and waiting when you need to save a document.

Document Relocator

One of the key advantages of the Dynamics 365 platform is the Outlook integration, meaning you can interact with your CRM through Outlook and track email communications against a client record. One downside is that the attachments on all of these emails chew up storage space in your CRM. You don’t want to lose them – they’re an important part of your record keeping. Document Relocator saves the day, and saves you money. This Beyond CRM extension strips the attachment from the emails and relocates them to SharePoint, where storage space is much cheaper. The attachment stays accessible through a link on the email record in CRM.

Customer Data Validation and Enhancement

Make it easier for your CRM users to enter accurate customer data from the get-go.
It’s the best way to keep your CRM data clean and usable.

Australian Phone Number Validation

Australian Phone number validation is an extension developed by Beyond CRM to help organisations keep their phone number information clean and valid. It ensures that all numbers entered into a phone number field are valid according to the Australian Telephone Numbering Plan. Catch typos and mistakes before they become a contactability issue.


This extension makes short work of entering Australian addresses. Address suggestions reveal as you type. Just choose the correct address and it will complete the required fields consistently and accurately. If client locations and mailable addresses are important to your business, it’s worth investing a little to keep your data clean and usable.


Some organisations need to record their members’, clients’ or constituents’ Local, State or Federal electorate. This extension can automatically populate electorate data based on the address you’ve entered via the Address Auto-complete function. When you update the address, the electorate information also updates. (Note: this also requires Address Auto-complete)

Marketing Integrations

Dynamics 365 has inbuilt Marketing List capability but often a dedicated email marketing tool is required to get the best marketing results.
We can integrate your chosen email marketing tool with your CRM so you get the best of both worlds.


Beyond CRM is a certified ClickDimensions Partner and can help you to buy, install and use ClickDimensions. ClickDimensions is a powerful and fully featured email marketing and marketing automation tool. We love it because it operates perfectly inside Dynamics 365 CRM with a single login – no integration is necessary, just some setup and onboarding and you’re using the familiar interface of Dynamics 365 to market to your leads and contacts.  If you don’t have the time and skills to manage your marketing activities, Beyond CRM can help by providing you with Marketing ServicesLearn more about ClickDimensions.


MailChimp is an immensely popular and easy to use email marketing tool. It’s a great place to start but you’ll soon get frustrated with the duplication of effort and data between your CRM and MailChimp. We can help you to integrate your MailChimp (free or paid account) with your CRM using third-party integration service, allowing synchronisation of email marketing lists between CRM and MailChimp and allowing your communications history to be stored against the clients CRM record.

Website Contact Us Integration

Are your website Contact Us submissions going missing or being ignored? New business could be going begging. We can integrate your Contact Us form with your CRM so that your Contact Us form submissions create a Lead in CRM. If you like, we can create notifications to let a user or a team know that a Lead has been received. Now you’ll never miss a lead and will have a record of the source and followup of your Leads.

Account Management

We’ve pre-built some handy Dynamics 365 functionality to make Account Management a breeze.

Account Management Cycle

This functionality ensures you maintain regular contact with your clients. You set the regularity with which you’d like the nominated Account Manager (CRM user) to contact each client and CRM will generate automatic reminders for them. Keep a record of future plans the client has mentioned as conversation starters. The solution comes with additional views and dashboards to oversee the account management function.

Referral Management

If your business relies on referrals from other businesses, you’ll want to keep track of who your best referrers are and the value they’ve brought to your organisation. Link Referrers to Opportunities and be able to see the value introduced by those referrers. It’s all about knowing which side your bread is buttered on.

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