Partnering with Beyond CRM

If you’re a Microsoft Partner or an IT professional that’s focused on getting the best outcome for your clients – we have something in common.

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How partnering with Beyond CRM works

We’re happy to work with any of your clients – big or small. Basically, you retain overall client relationship, and introduce us to meet their CRM needs. Of course, there is a financial arrangement between Beyond CRM and your business, so you’re rewarded for your involvement.

If you specialise in the SMB market, you’ll find our CRM Kickstart solution could be a perfect fit for your clients. It’s a ready-to-go, packaged solution that suits the budget and needs of SMBs.

CRM Kickstart is a services offering that delivers a standardised but customised CRM solution. It’s a fixed price, fixed scope, rapid deployment method for delivering CRM to your SMB clients in a way that gets your client started quickly, with room to grow.

for success

If you’re Microsoft Partner or IT professional, you can meet your client’s CRM needs without having to grow your practice. Just partner with us.

To do a quality job with CRM customisation takes expertise. If you don’t have the expertise in house, don’t worry. We do.

We only do CRM. We love it. And you probably love what you do too, whether it be Office 365 implementations, managed services or other business services. Partnering with us, means that you stick to your specialty and we stick to ours. A perfect partnership.

The real winners are our joint clients who get the best of breed for all of their IT solutions.

In conjuction with our distribution partner:

By introducing us and our CRM Kickstart solution, everyone wins.

You, the Partner

With us as your partner, you can add Dynamics CRM to your cloud offering without the overhead of having CRM specialist resources on your team. You’ll generate income from a share of the services as well as from procuring the CRM Online licences for the client. CRM is a high involvement product so it helps you keep your clients committed to their Office 365 deployment and the services you provide.

Your client

Your clients get an affordable, customised CRM solution and access to CRM experts. Their solution is ready to use as quickly as 2 weeks and is integrated with their Office 365 products like Outlook and SharePoint. This means they can extract maximum productivity benefits from the integrated solution. All of this for a fraction of the cost of a fully customised CRM solution.

Us, Beyond CRM

We can focus on doing exactly what we love and retain a deep knowledge of Dynamics CRM. We get to work with great clients and great partners, while growing our own business. This singular focus and dedication to our core competency in CRM is the key to our success.

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