Dynamics CRM support
Augment your in-house skills

Even if you have in-house skills to administer your CRM, we can work with your team to deliver bigger pieces of work.

Jobs like upgrades, trickier enhancements and integrations might not be manageable within your BAU resourcing or skillsets.

We can plan and manage your project, give advice, or just be part of the delivery team to carry out whatever changes you have on your plate.

Dynamics CRM support
Upgrade, integrate or migrate

Integrations with other systems can be complicated and are usually not something you can do in-house. Likewise, data migrations and upgrades have some common pitfalls only prevented by good planning and experience.

Maybe you’ve decided to move your CRM to the cloud and need some help to manage the transition? We can help with literally any of the CRM challenges you’re facing.

Dynamics CRM support
Change and evolve

The only constant in life is change. Your business is changing and growing, and so should your CRM. When you partner with us, we’re with you for the long term, supporting you to adapt and improve your CRM over time.

We’ll get to know your particular CRM, understand where you’re heading, and help you to get there.

We have monthly assistance packages to suit your budget, your level of self-sufficiency, and likely requirements.  Or you can engage us on an ad-hoc basis whenever you need us.



Access our help for additional customisations or other enhancements whenever you need. By purchasing blocks of our time as Prepaid Assistance Hours you can draw down on your 'bank' of hours for adhoc or planned work over time. When you're running low, we'll let you know and you can top up your prepaid hours for the next round of enhancements. You're in control.

A portal allows you to give external people access to their information in your CRM without granting access. It’s a web-based interface which allows them to interact with, so they can be self-sufficient and productive without compromising your CRM. It's a really handy way to offer self-service to your clients.

Integration between CRM and your financial system will close the loop between Sales and Invoicing - making your CRM a more complete source of truth about your customers. Integration with your finance system, such as Xero or Business Central is easy with our pre-built integrations to your customer data and/or invoices.

The beauty of choosing the Microsoft suite of applications is the ability to leverage the power of the tools at your disposal. SharePoint storage is inexpensive, so we have solutions to not only leverage these cost advantages, but to provide operational efficiencies as well.

Make it easier for your CRM users to enter accurate customer data from the get-go. It's the best way to keep your CRM data clean and usable. Phone number validation and address auto-completion ensure your can always contact your customers when you need to.

Dynamics 365 has inbuilt Marketing List capability but often a dedicated email marketing tool is required to get the best marketing results. We can integrate your chosen email marketing tool with your CRM so you get the best of both worlds. We can help set up your ClickDimensions and integrate with MailChimp. We can even integrate with your website Contact Us forms.

Get in touch today Let’s talk about your CRM challenges.

Hopefully our website has given you a good idea about what we can do. Now, we’d love to hear from you. Call, email or use the form below. We look forward to talking about your specific situation, needs, and goals.

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May 16 2019 by Jane Davies

One of the most compelling reasons CRM buyers are attracted to Dynamics CRM is convenience of integration with Outlook.

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Our thinking

May 16 2019 by Jane Davies

One of the most compelling reasons CRM buyers are attracted to Dynamics CRM is convenience of integration with Outlook.