Planning means no surprises

Call us spoil sports - but at Beyond CRM we hate surprises. So should you. A surprise - good or bad, means something hasn’t been fully understood.

When you engage us to help you scope out a project or plan your journey, we’ll be thorough, pragmatic, and upfront.

Beware of any vendor that doesn’t include a scoping or strategic planning exercise. That’s the first warning sign of an impending surprise you’ll ultimately pay for anyway. Trust in our experience, and you’ll definitely save in the long run.

Dynamics CRM implementation
Know where you’re heading

As your organisation matures, your CRM should too.

Your broad vision and strategic outlook should be reflected in your plans for your CRM – after all, your CRM is the core technology that needs to support your growth and aspirations.

If you’ve gone to the effort of building a strategic Sales, Marketing and/or Operations Plan, you need a CRM plan that underpins it.

Dynamics CRM implementation
Know how to get there

Once we understand your immediate and longer term priorities, we’ll work with you to translate this into a prioritised program of work.

We can break this down into manageable phases to match your budgeting cycles and the speed at which your organisation can best engage in the process and adopt change.



To get your CRM Online up and running, you might need an Office 365 subscription with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online added. If you're not already using Office 365, we can help to get you set up. Or if you are, we can make sure you’re on the right plan to take advantage of CRM and all the integrations with your email and calendars.

A portal allows you  to give external people access to information in your CRM without granting  full access. It’s a user friendly web interface that only shows information the user has rights to see or update. You can set up a portal for your customers (eg. to view progress updates) or business partners,  them be self-sufficient and productive without compromising your CRM. We can customise your portal to your specific needs.

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful partner to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, especially where you have multiple sources of data. It’s like having your CRM dashboards on steroids. Power BI gathers additional sources and forms of data like website data, spreadsheets, and other databases to deliver business analytics that instantly answer burning questions about business performance in real time.

Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft SharePoint are perfect partners, working together to store and retrieve customer related documents and artefacts in real time. SharePoint stores a document once in a single location, and CRM allows it to be accessed from multiple places and within relevant contexts. It's also great at facilitating collaboration between staff, customers or suppliers.

Access our help for additional customisations or other enhancements whenever you need. By purchasing blocks of our time as Prepaid Assistance Hours you can draw down on your 'bank' of hours for adhoc or planned work over time. When you're running low, we'll let you know and you can top up your prepaid hours for the next round of enhancements. You're in control.

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Our thinking

October 16 2017 by Jane Davies

One of the most compelling reasons CRM buyers are attracted to Dynamics CRM is convenience of integration with Outlook.

May 24 2017 by Jane Davies

Ok, it would be fair to say that as a Microsoft Partner, we’re firmly biased on the side of Dynamics 365. But hear us out. We’re asked this question a lot – why should we go with Dynamics over Salesforce?

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Our thinking

October 16 2017 by Jane Davies

One of the most compelling reasons CRM buyers are attracted to Dynamics CRM is convenience of integration with Outlook.