An end to the blame game

The power of Project Service Automation comes from the fact that your Sales and Delivery team are working in the same system, using the same inputs for quoting as well as the ulimate management of the resulting project. Your sales team will be able to collaborate with your delivery team to build realistic costings for potential projects. They're working from real data, like resource costs, resource availability and effort required. No more guesswork. And no more finger pointing between sales and delivery as to who caused the project overruns.

Replace multiple systems

Up until now, you've probably cobbled together a number of tools that get the job done ... for the time being. Timesheeting software, a project planning tool, a costing spreadsheet, a collaboration platform, a CRM plus some of the functionality of your accounting system. But, the problem is, they don't talk to each other. You're doing double (or triple) entry and that just causes errors and wastes time. 

Real-time oversight

Say, you've got a team working on a major fixed-price contract. Margins are tight. You can't afford overruns. Project Service Automation gives you the real-time oversight to tightly manage projects like never before. At any time, you can see how much time you've 'burnt' on the project, how much you've invoiced and whether you're on track to make the margins you're expecting. 

Have a peak at

Project Service Automation 

Don't be overwhelmed by the size of the potential solution - for sure, it can be complex. We'll work with you to understand the parts you need. You can even take it slow and retain some of your old systems or proceses in the shorter term until you're ready to roll it out in its fully glory.

That's why we're here - to help you through the process of change in your business and make sure you maintain productivity while still moving ahead. 

Have a look at Microsoft's promotional video and judge for yourself if there's a match to some, or all of your needs. Then get in touch and we'll work with you to further refine your requirements.

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A portal is a way of allowing people that are external to your organisation, access to view or update information in your CRM. Project Service Automation can be extended to include a web-based portal, allowing external stakeholders or resources to view and/or interact with your projects. You're in control, they only see what you want them to.

Access our help for additional customisations or other enhancements whenever you need. By purchasing blocks of our time as Prepaid Assistance Hours you can draw down on your 'bank' of hours for adhoc or planned work over time. When you're running low, we'll let you know and you can top up your prepaid hours for the next round of enhancements. You're in control.

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