Need an Enterprise CRM specialist?

At Beyond CRM, we’re experienced with Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations in large and complex businesses, along with Government organisations. 

Even if your organisation has in-house CRM resources, have a chat with our CRM consulting specialists, who can offer you strategic advice, program support, system maintenance, or project delivery.

Strategic Advice

We can take a step back from the technology and work with you, strategically, to scope and plan your initiative. Our specialist team can collaborate with you to:

  • Define and articulate your desired outcomes
  • Formulate and plan your initiatives by facilitating planning and scoping exercises
  • Articulate your initiative as phases within an achievable, articulated roadmap
Project delivery with excellence

We determine with you the right methodology to deliver your specific project. We’ll agree the right approach for you (whether agile, waterfall or a rapid hybrid approach) by considering:

  • your budget
  • your appetite for risk
  • the complexity of your requirements
  • availability of subject matter experts within your business
  • how specific your business is for what’s required 
  • required timeframes and benefit realisation
Specialist support

You can call on our experienced, certified team to help at any stage of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment lifecycle.  Whether you want to upgrade your on-premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment, migrate to the ‘cloud’, or want us to develop enhancements to meet your evolving business requirements - we have the experience and skills you need.

For example, you might need a front-end portal, integration with other commercial or proprietary systems, or even need us to develop bespoke processes and functions using the Dynamics CRM platform. Whatever it is, let’s make it happen.

Our Enterprise
product offering

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is enormously powerful and flexible. This flexibility means every CRM implementation is, and should be, different – intelligently customised by our team at Beyond CRM, to match the way you work. As part of your Office 365 subscription, CRM Online drives productivity by flawlessly integrating with other Microsoft products most businesses already use every day.

Don’t want to be in the cloud? That’s ok too. Maybe you’re already heavily invested in having your own infrastructure. Perhaps you’re happy to trade off higher upfront costs to obtain greater control. We can help with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise implementation, or we can support you through change or upgrade of your current On-Premise solution.

Our people will partner with your teams to methodically scope out projects and programs of work, or to develop a strategic roadmap of your CRM journey ahead. We’ll help you form a clear view of where you’re heading and exactly how you’ll get there.

We can assist at any stage of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM lifecycle. Whether you want to upgrade your on-premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment, migrate to the ‘cloud’, integrate with other systems, or want us to develop bespoke enhancements to meet your evolving business requirements, we have the experience you need. We'll be pragmatic and upfront about what can be done to solve your problem no matter how complex or unique.

As XRM experts, we use the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a development platform to create highly customised business solutions that manage unique business operational processes. This provides an existing and proven development framework that allows 'bespoke' development in a rapid build and deploy environment.

The success of any CRM implementation depends on getting the users in your business to embrace the change. If your users lack confidence in using the system, cracks will form in their dedication to using the system as consistently as they should. We can help by providing the CRM training they need to get the most out of the system every day. 

If you're in the business of delivering projects, not products, we can help. Project Service Automation is a powerful new module of Dynamics 365, which we can customise to help you manage your client's projects from sale, and all the way through the delivery process. Manage your resources, project plans, task management, timesheeting, costs and invoices all from the same powerful tool. 

Get in touch today Let’s talk about your CRM challenges.

Hopefully our website has given you a good idea about what we can do. Now, we’d love to hear from you. Call, email or use the form below. We look forward to talking about your specific situation, needs, and goals.

Our thinking

October 16 2017 by Jane Davies

One of the most compelling reasons CRM buyers are attracted to Dynamics CRM is convenience of integration with Outlook.

May 24 2017 by Jane Davies

Ok, it would be fair to say that as a Microsoft Partner, we’re firmly biased on the side of Dynamics 365. But hear us out. We’re asked this question a lot – why should we go with Dynamics over Salesforce?

March 03 2017 by Jane Davies

You won’t read this in any change management text book. It’s not taught in MBA courses. It’s a little irreverent, but it’s a healthy dose of the truth.

Our thinking

October 16 2017 by Jane Davies

One of the most compelling reasons CRM buyers are attracted to Dynamics CRM is convenience of integration with Outlook.