How Beyond CRM can help

Every small to medium size business we work with is unique, but they all have one thing in common - they’re growing.

And they’re realising the ‘spreadsheets and miracles’ approach could easily crumble under the pressure of more staff and more customers. If you've reached the realisation that you need to invest in some more robust solutions, we can help.


Start at square one

This comes as a surprise to some, but no CRM solution is just going to work ‘out of the box’. Businesses are very diverse – a dry cleaner and an insurance broker couldn’t possibly need the same things right? Right. CRM always needs to be customised to some extent.

If you’ve never worked with a CRM before, it’s hard to know what to ask for. You know what isn’t working for you now and need a solution. We can help you get started even if you don’t have a clear view of what the end game looks like. 

Learn more, do more

Once you have some experience with using a CRM, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM in particular, you’ll start to learn more about what it can do. This tends to be an exciting realisation. You’ll see more possibilities around how your new CRM can help to better support your people and your processes. 

Scale and grow

Growing businesses choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a particularly good reason: you can’t outgrow it. Some of the world’s largest businesses use it. As do some of the smallest.

As you grow, we’ll help you build on your solution by adding customised fields, features, workflows, portals, integration with other systems … anything really. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is super flexible and very powerful, and we’ve got the people who know how to make it do just about anything.

product offering

Our CRM Kickstart is the perfect way to get up and running now with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. At a fraction of the cost of a bespoke customisation, we get you on the path to success with an essential set of customisations to suit your business. We’ll ask you a handful of questions about how your business operates and configure your CRM to suit. Then you're off and running with a solution you can build on.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is enormously powerful and flexible. This flexibility means every CRM implementation is, and should be, different – intelligently customised by our team at Beyond CRM, to match the way you work. As part of your Office 365 subscription, CRM Online drives productivity by flawlessly integrating with other Microsoft products most businesses already use every day.

Don’t want to be in the cloud? That’s ok too. Maybe you’re already heavily invested in having your own infrastructure. Perhaps you’re happy to trade off higher upfront costs to obtain greater control. We can help with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise implementation, or we can support you through change or upgrade of your current On-Premise solution.

The success of any CRM implementation depends on getting the users in your business to embrace the change. If your users lack confidence in using the system, cracks will form in their dedication to using the system as consistently as they should. We can help by providing the CRM training they need to get the most out of the system every day. 

Get in touch today Let’s talk about your CRM challenges.

Hopefully our website has given you a good idea about what we can do. Now, we’d love to hear from you. Call, email or use the form below. We look forward to talking about your specific situation, needs, and goals.

Our thinking

March 03 2017 by Jane Davies

You won’t read this in any change management text book. It’s not taught in MBA courses. It’s a little irreverent, but it’s a healthy dose of the truth.

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Our thinking

March 03 2017 by Jane Davies

You won’t read this in any change management text book. It’s not taught in MBA courses. It’s a little irreverent, but it’s a healthy dose of the truth.